About Brian

I am a programmer who likes hacking on multimedia art; mine as well as that of other artists. I frequently do work for artists through Harvestworks. Sometimes, I code for large financial institutions too. Most of my experience has been in C, C++, Java and Perl, though some recent projects have also included Python, IA-32 assembly language, and even Lisp. On the multimedia side, a lot of my projects use Max/MSP/Jitter, but I have also done work in PD, RTCMix and Csound (usually driven by another programming language). For some examples of my own work, check out my list of projects.

I'm particularly interested in making musical noises out of data. Sometimes I do it with a practical purpose in mind; sometimes I do it to make art; sometimes I do it just cause I wonder what it will sound like.

I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in computer engineering in 2003, and was a graduate student in music technology at NYU. Sometimes I post things on this blog.